Membership Application

To use our services we require that you become a member and make application for service.

We recommend adding your spouse as a joint member to your account; this enables him/her to make requests for service changes, such as connects and disconnects, as well as update account information.

A joint membership also means that either of you, but not both, can sign election petitions, and when voting you have a shared vote. Either of you can run for a position on the board of directors or serve on special committees established by the board.

Membership Applications

Download Application for Membership/Service

To add or remove a member on your account, please sign the appropriate document in front of a Notary Public and deliver the signed form to our offices. We can provide notary services for your convenience.

Download Form to Add Membership

Download Form to Remove Membership

Special Rate Applications

Download Single Phase Time of Use Application (Arizona Only)

Download Net Metering Application