Board of Directors

DVEC's members elect fellow members to represent them on the cooperative's board of directors. Representatives are elected from three districts. Click here for maps and detailed information of board districts.

A director’s responsibilities consists of having the ability and knowledge to set policy and approve programs that are the basis for operating the cooperative.  A director must have the time to attend monthly board meetings, as well as other special meetings and seminars.  These special sessions are necessary to keep directors informed on the various aspects of the cooperative and the utility industry.  Other criteria of a board member include:

  • Be willing to commit adequate time to the work of the board to be an effective member and properly discharge the duties of the board
  • Be capable of, and committed to, acquiring the knowledge necessary to cope with the issues of a modern utility, including finances, management and public issues
  • Possess the character and demeanor that will reflect favorably on behalf of the cooperative
  • Have the willingness to listen and learn
  • Be one who can accept and direct change
  • Be of sufficient stature to command the respect of management, employees, fellow board members and the public
  • Subordinate personal and other business interests to the needs of the cooperative when making a decision
  • Be willing to accept the unpleasant moments of a director’s experience
  • Be an independent thinker, but a cooperator

2018 Board of Directors & CEO

Back (l to r): Tom Powers1; Johnnie Frie3, President; Steve Lunt, CEO; Vance Lee3

Front: Frank Downs2, Vice-President; Dustie Robinette2; Judy McKinley1, Secretary-Treasurer; Suzanne Menges1; Leon Reynolds2

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